To provide a full service reptile experience that encompasses breeding, education, retail, adoption, foster, and rescue.

Mystique's Core Values Include:

  1. Health - Optimum health, care and husbandry of all animals at Mystique are top priority
  2. Forever Support - Mystique will provide lifetime support to all of its clients and the animals that it sells.
  3. Education - Mystique will focus on educating the public and its consumers on reptile care and handling
  4. Environmental Impact - Every organization has an impact on the environment around it. Mystique is committed to operate in an environmentally responsible way
  5. Community - Mystique will support the community in which it resides, and the reptile community as a whole

The Story:

Mystique Reptiles, started in the Spring of 2012 by Zach Harper and his wife Amy, is aimed at providing high quality Ball Python Morphs.  I have always had a fascination and passion for reptiles since I caught my first Garter snake as a child.  I raised two ball pythons through junior high and high school, but I took a break from pets through college and the start of my career. In the fall of 2011, I decided to purchase another ball python, which quickly became a larger hobby and then into a small business.

My goal was to produce one clutch in 2013, so I spent all of 2012 growing my collection of Ball Python Morphs, building infrastructure for both the snakes and rodents, making connections in the industry, and researching as much as possible.
In October 2012, I had the opportunity to purchase someone else’s collection.  This included 12 snakes (9 adult females), caging, and a large colony of rats.  This opportunity gave me a much needed boost into my plans to breed in 2013.  That year ended with 20 babies, including a Super Pastel that is published on WOB and received well over 1,000 views on Facebook!

I have completed countless hours of research into these animals, and I have experienced some challenges along the way.  If you are new to this wonderful hobby or a seasoned veteran, I would love to talk reptiles with you.

Thank you for visiting Mystique Reptiles!